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Papas Precision Detailing in Owen Sound, offers professional detailing for your car

In Owen Sound, Professional detailing services at Papas Precision Detailing.

It is highly recommended that you bring your vehicle to Papas Precision Detailing in Owen Sound to obtain the detailing services required. We will improve the condition of your car while helping to retain the future resale value by using the most cutting-edge products and methods currently available. We provide services like paint correction, ceramic coating, and interior detailing, all oriented toward enhancing the car’s appearance. Call us as soon as possible on 4165246605 so that we can schedule your appointment.

Our Member

Ed Bews

Detailers movement did an amazing job on my truck, the paint correction and ceramic coating are top notch. After two weeks of daily driving in rain conditions with no difficulty whatsoever it looked like I just had a new vehicle! They replaced all badges that were chrome plated for gloss black ones which made such a noticeable difference to make this old ride look brand spanking new again

Jesse Karistianos

I had my newly bought car detailed with Papas Precision Detailing, and I must say I have never been happier! Ryan was outstanding and did everything he promised he would and more, he turned the inside of this old ride and made it new and shiny again! Not one spec of dirt was left uncleaned. He even fixed up my headlights and took away the foggy look so I could see in the dark. All in all i am so happy with the service provided and I will definitely be using his services again!

Joey C Love

I am so thrilled at how incredible my vehicle turned out! I have spent countless hours doing my research into CQuartz, and their competitors. If you are also looking to find the best coating or installer for your car needs STOP now because we found them in Sean who has top tier customer service skills combined with attention-to detail second to none