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Protect Your Car With

Ceramic Coating in
Owen Sound, ON

The number one goal at Papa’s Precision Detailing is to enhance your car’s paintwork to its best condition with our best ceramic coating Owen Sound service.

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The Best Ceramic Coating Owen Sound

Ceramic coating is a protective layer applied to the exterior of a car’s paintwork. It is made of nanotechnology-based particles that adhere strongly to the car’s surface. This layer creates a long-lasting barrier that shields the paint from various elements such as UV rays, dirt, chemicals, and scratches.


Additionally, it produces a hydrophobic effect, causing water and other liquids to bead up and easily roll off the surface, making car washing easier.


Ceramic coating also provides the car with a glossy and smooth finish, enhancing its appearance.

Ceramic Coating Benefits

If you decide to apply a ceramic coating to your car, you can enjoy numerous notable cosmetic advantages. Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

Enhances durability

Your car's paintwork and overall exterior are susceptible to damage from various environmental factors. However, by applying an additional layer of protection such as ceramic coating, your paintwork gains a significantly improved ability to withstand the daily onslaught of harsh elements. Furthermore, the paint will maintain its glossy appearance even after years of use.

Easy Maintenance

Ceramic coating creates a smooth and hydrophobic surface, making it easier to clean and maintain your car. Dust, dirt, and grime are less likely to stick to the coated surface, allowing for effortless removal during regular washing. This feature reduces the time and effort required to keep your car looking clean and shiny.

Cost Savings in the Long Run

While ceramic coating may require an initial investment, it can lead to long-term cost savings. The coating's durable and long-lasting nature means you won't need to wax or polish your car as frequently. It reduces the need for frequent paint touch-ups, as the coating acts as a protective shield against minor scratches and swirl marks. Additionally, by preserving the paint's condition, the coating can contribute to maintaining your vehicle's resale value in the future.

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Our Packages


$ 900 FROM
  • CAR COATING: Start from $900
  • SUV COATING: Start from $1,050
  • TRUCK COATING: Start from $1,200
  • XL COATING: Start from $1,350


$ 1,100 FROM
  • CAR COATING: Start from $1,100
  • SUV COATING: Start from $1,250
  • TRUCK COATING: Start from $1,400
  • XL COATING: Start from $1,550


(Kenzo Graphene-Infused)
$ 1,600 FROM
  • CAR COATING: Start from $1,600
  • SUV COATING: Start from $1,800
  • TRUCK COATING: Start from $2,000
  • XL COATING: Start from $2,200


$ 30 FROM
  • ECO COAT LEATHER: Start from $40 per seat (1yr warranty)
  • ECO COAT WINDOW: Start from $200 per window (1yr warranty)
  • ECO COAT FABRIC: Start from $30 per seat/ $40 per row (1yr warranty)
  • ECO COAT WHEEL: Start from $50 per rim (1yr warranty)
  • ECO COAT SHIELD: Start contact for pricing
  • ECO COAT WHEEL: Start contact for pricing


$ 650 FROM
  • CAR COATING: Start from $650
  • SUV COATING: Start from $710
  • TRUCK COATING: Start from $770

Why choose Papa’s Precision Detailing

Strong reputation

We have become a well-known name in the Owen Sound car detailing business because of how well we do our work.

High-quality products

We utilize cutting-edge techniques and top-notch components to restore your car to its pristine condition, making it look as good as new.

Expert team

Our team of expert detailers will ensure that your car surpasses your expectations and looks even better than you could have imagined

Our Reviews

Jason Monaghan
Jason Monaghan
Went above and beyond to service my vehicle .. I truly couldn’t be happier with not only the service but the quality of detail I received… My vehicle was better then the day I picked it up 3 years ago… it was no easy task but these guys did it!!! Highly recommended thanks !
P Hiwatt
P Hiwatt
1. $400 for a sub-compact interior clean only??? Way over-priced. 2. Cleaner left the interior lights on which drained the battery completely. He claimed to have jump started it, but obviously, this does not re-charge the battery. 3. Despite me telling him when I was arriving to pick up the vehicle, he was nowhere to be found. He had dumped the responsibility off on Tint guy. 4. No surprise, the car would not start. Detail guy had taken the cables with him. Tint guy had to run around asking other businesses for cables. Ridiculous. Conclusion? Not impressed on many levels. Way overpaid and battery permanently damaged. No restitution offered. I will not return or recommend this place of business.
Megan Gitto
Megan Gitto
Had the interior of my car completely cleaned, shampooed, and vacuumed. My car definitely needed some TLC and Ryan did an absolutely fantastic job! The interior looked brand new again and he was able to completely get out some very stubborn stains. Amazing attention to detail and very fair pricing with high quality results! I will definitely be returning again, thank you so much!
David Booy
David Booy
Had my truck ceramic coated, the pastics were treated, the front door glass tinted and the glass was all treated. Ryan and his team did an absolutely fantastic job! Very pleased with the quality of work, the attention to detail, and with how quick they got all that done. I will definitely be back and highly recommend Papa’s to anyone looking for quality work!
Scott Hill
Scott Hill
I just got my new car back from Papa's! It wasn't new when I dropped it off. In fact the carpeting was quite a mess. They did a fantastic job! Better than I hoped for or thought my car could look like again. Thanks for the great work.
Kristen Hartley
Kristen Hartley
Very professional and accommodating! I had a difficult job to execute and they squeezed me in last minute and delivered amazing results. Would highly recommend this shop for all of your vehicle detailing needs!
Andrew Reinsma
Andrew Reinsma
This guy did an amazing job on my vehicle and putting a special coating on it that made the car look incredible. It looks awesome even 10 months later. I will be going back to get it redone in the future to keep the car looking just as nice. Highly recommend
Bill Elliott
Bill Elliott
My truck was a disaster from the dog and moving up here. I took my truck in and was overly happy with the job they did.
Scott Groves
Scott Groves
Better than when I bought the car brand new! The car looks amazing after the decontamination and corrections before applying the ceramic coats! Very happy with the results! I definitely recommend the services at Papa’s Precision Detailing. The staff are knowledgeable and awesome to work with! Thank you so much!!!

Our Recent Works


A ceramic coating offers far higher levels of protection than wax, which can only serve to hinder the features of the coating. So no we would not recommend applying wax on top of ceramic coating as it will take away the main features of the ceramic coating.

The paint on your car will last for years if you preserve it with a ceramic coating and keep it in good condition. If you want your car’s paint to last longer and appear cleaner for longer, consider investing in a ceramic coating. The cost of a ceramic coating will differ depending on the size of the vehicle, the kind of ceramic utilised, and the package purchased.

Each year, you should thoroughly clean the car to get rid of any built-up contaminants such as road tar, iron, tree sap, and industrial waste. After that, a sealant containing SIO2 will be utilised to reactivate the ceramic coating and increase its hydrophobic properties.

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