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Does paint correction fix the clear coat?

Are you getting a headache every time you see the imperfections and blemishes on the paint of your automobile? Don’t worry, there is a solution! Paint correction is a great way to restore the shine of your car by removing imperfections in the paintwork. But is it in your vehicle’s best interest to get the paint corrected? Does paint correction remove the clear coat as well? Keep reading this post from Papas Precision Detailing in Owen Sound, to find out how the paint correction process works.

Does paint correction fix the clear coat Papas Precision Detailing in Owen Sound

Will paint correction remove the clear coat?

Yes. The process of polishing makes use of a granular substance that is referred to as a cutting compound. The polishing liquid or paste is evenly dispersed throughout the car’s painted surface when using an electric polisher. Friction is produced due to this, and it wears away at the protective layer of the clear coat. There are a wide range of grit levels available for polishers. Some polishers are intended to remove little scratches, while others operate by removing the clear coat layer by layer until the flaw is gone.

Can paint correction help in extending the life of a vehicle?

Restores the appearance of the vehicle’s exterior

After correcting the paint, your car will look like it was driven out of the dealership for the first time. Through a technique known as “paint correction,” your vehicle’s exterior may have a fresh new look, giving the impression that it was recently bought. If painted surfaces are maintained regularly and given thorough hand washing, they will retain their clean appearance for a more extended amount of time.

Reduces the appearance of flaws

When you take your automobile out on the road, it comes into contact with many different items, every one of which has the potential to inflict damage on your vehicle. Most of these impurities leave behind faults in the paintwork of your car, such as swirl marks, tiny scratches, dents, and other flaws that lower the overall quality of the paintwork. Paint correction is a method that helps erase slight scratches and other defects from the paint’s surface in a manner that is both permanent and prevents additional damage to the paint. 

Improves vehicle value

If the outside paint on your car has flaws such as swirl marks, tiny scratches, or any other visual faults, the value of your vehicle may decline significantly. If you have a paint correction procedure performed on your car, the value of your vehicle may increase by several thousand dollars. 

What is the typical price range for paint correction services?

Because the paint correction process comprises many phases, the total cost will be calculated by combining several factors. These costs are only estimates because each kind of car is unique. The following factors will each impact the price structure used.


The larger the vehicle, the higher the cost of the paint correction treatment. In most cases, smaller cars will need less time, so as a result, will be cheaper.


Paint correction will be less costly for your vehicle if it has few problems and is already in relatively good condition.

Rust and damage will need more labor and money to be corrected. The condition of your vehicle directly influences the quantity of work that must be done, as well as the cost that is connected with that work.

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