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Should you consider ceramic coating for your vehicle?

Do environmental contaminants that harm the paint on your automobile ever make you feel angry or frustrated? Due to everyday wear and tear on the road, it won’t be long until the clear coat on your car starts to lose its luster and shine. Ceramic coatings provide a protective barrier between your vehicle and harmful contaminants in the environment. Let’s find out more about ceramic coatings with Papas Precision Detailing in Owen Sound, Ontario.

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Ceramic Coating: What exactly is it?

Ceramic coating is a chemical polymer solution that, when sprayed over the outside of a vehicle, serves to protect the paint from being damaged. A hydrophobic layer is created when it reacts with your car’s paint and then provides protection. It comprises silica and titanium dioxide, which form a hydrophobic covalent connection. This connection, together with the production of a nano-ceramic barrier above the vehicle’s transparent layer, shields the car from the external elements.


What are the benefits of getting a ceramic coating on your vehicle?

Ceramic coatings provide an extra layer of protection to your car’s paint, which is beneficial in various ways. Putting a ceramic coating on your vehicle has several benefits, including the following:

Avoid exposure to UV rays.

UV rays can pass through paints with transparent coats, which causes the paint to degrade and speeds up the oxidation process, which in turn causes corrosion and rust to develop. Ceramic coatings protect your car from UV damage and preserve its pristine appearance for longer.

Avoid being exposed to any harmful chemicals.

Acids found in animal waste such as bird droppings and bug splatters, and acid rain are all examples of chemical pollutants that have the potential to damage various components of a car. These harmful contaminants are unable to penetrate the ultrasmooth surface of the ceramic coating, which safeguards the vehicle’s original paint job.

Enhance the luster and shine 

After the ceramic coating has had time to cure, a microscopic layer of protective glass forms on its surface, giving the outside of the vehicle a more pristine gloss and luster.  A ceramic coating will provide matte finishes on plastic trim with an appearance that is deep and rich, and brings out the shine of alloy and chrome wheels. 

Reduce the effort required for cleaning

Ceramic coatings have hydrophobic qualities, making it more difficult for dirt to adhere to them and easier to clean them off. As a direct consequence of this, washing your automobile is now a task that takes much less time. In addition, we will apply it to your wheels and brake calipers, which will make cleaning both of these areas much more accessible. 

How long does a ceramic coating typically last?

Maintaining a ceramic-coated vehicle with the appropriate maintenance and materials will allow you to extend the lifetime of the ceramic coating on your car. Ceramic coatings have a lifespan of anywhere from two to five years when properly maintained.

After reading about the many advantages ceramic coating provides, have you decided whether it is the most appropriate option for you? Are you looking for the best quality ceramic coating in Owen Sound, Ontario? Papas Precision Detailing is a great company that can satisfy all your detailing requirements. We use only the highest-quality ceramic coating products, which keep your vehicle looking flawless. Get in touch with Papa’s Precision Detailing at 202267 Highway 21, RR 5 Owen Sound, Ontario N4K 5P7, Canada, or call us at (416) 524-6605 to schedule an appointment! Papas Precision Detailing guarantees complete and total satisfaction for our customers, both the car owners and their beloved vehicles! Make sure to schedule your appointment right away!

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